Friday, February 24, 2006

Back in the saddle *Warning, very pic heavy*

Hello, all you happy people. The play has closed, I have recovered from the ensuing party, and all is well! I've also been doing some knitting (really?!!).

But first:
Here's the Nevermore yarn that I received weeks and weeks ago. Isn't it beeee-ooooooooo-tiful? And that little mini-skein, the colours are just fabulous! I already wound it into a little centrepull ball. I think it would be enough to use for Mrs. Beaton, for the one yarn in it anyway, but I guess I don't really know.

It's friggen sockapalooza in house o' Talitha...

That's Davin's first sock. It's grown a little since then, but it's still the same ol' grey boring sock. On the other hand, or should I say foot, here's MY first sock:

I turned the heel, but I'm not sure if I did it right as it kinda looks a bit wonky. It doesn't bug me too much, after all, a heel by any other name smells as feet -- I mean, sweet. Plus, I now have too many stitches on the heel needles, but I'll figure out a way for them to disappear if they don't do so on their own as I carry on in the pattern.

So, here I am finally able to unveil my Secret Pal packages. I have been truly spoiled so far, and I couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks again ever so much, Secret Pal. I hope you're feeling much better!
That Lorna's Laces is just too soft for words. Just, wow.

That's the whole Simple Stripes Sampler, plus some other absolutely great loot. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Here's some other new merino handpainted that I ordered from Great Britain. Signed, sealed, delivered for $12. Pretty darn good deal, if you ask me.
And a thank you present, that I totally didn't deserve, KAREN, but thank you very much, from Show Your FO Week.
Let's just say I'm gonna be knitting myself socks now until the end of days. Ok, do you figure I posted enough pics? Sorry to all you dial-up people.

I also started a new lace dishcloth pattern that's looking pretty neat. I'll save that for another day. Thanks to everyone for wondering where I was, it was much appreciated. I should be back to my normal bloggy splendor after this. Peace out!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Checkin' in

So, I still can't post those pictures... what a DRAG. My play opens tonight, yippee!!! Hence why I've been MIA so much. But, it closes on Sunday, so after that I'll be around like old times.

I got another perfectly wonderful and way too kind Secret Pal package yesterday. Inside was a ton of yarn and other goodies. I am getting spoiled beyond belief by my Pal. There were 3 balls of Crayon in the purple colour, 2 balls of Parade in Gumballs, the Simple Stripes SAMPLER (the whole set people, like just WOW that's all I have to say!), a set of size 1 and 2 Takumi DPNs, and a wonderful simple socks book. And I still have yet to upload a pic of the first package! Argh, Blogger, argh! But, seriously, you gals, my pal has been so wonderful, she is always sending me lovely and encouraging words in the exact times that I need them, I couldn't be luckier. Thanks so much over and over, Secret Pal! (I wish I could upload a pic of my ear to ear smile, let me tell ya.)

My V-day was quiet, but I didn't feel quite as lonely as I thought I might so that was good. I cast on for a -- guess what-- DISHCLOTH! Yes, go figure, ha ha. It seems like that's all I have time to do these days. I've been working on all the other stuff, too, but I have a big audition on Saturday, so I haven't had much time. Oh, knitting, I can't wait to be your true lover again! Whoops, I guess I'm pretty darn goofy today, but it's a good day in Talitha-land. Every day seems to be lately. I guess I'm just a lucky girl. I figure it's really weird that I'm so OK and more than OK, just plain great after going through such a tumultuous time in my life, but I kind of feel like things are starting to fall into place. This gives me a chance to focus on my career and really get good at it. Someday, you all will see my name in lights and then you can tell silly stories about how I'm such a dork. In fact, please do, it'll keep me from getting too big of a head. :)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ok, I have been trying to post some lovely pictures for the last TWO days and they won't friggen post. I was able to upload one of them, but it disappears the second I start to type. So, my apologies, I again don't have the pictures that I NEED to show you all.

(Imagine picture here of my Secret Pal Package)
Here is my first package from my fabulous secret pal 7. In it she sent so many wonderful things and I couldn't be happier! There was some Paton's Classic Merino in bright pink and purple, a set of DPNs in size 6, the current issue of IK (yipee!), a pattern book with great quick patterns (I forget the exact title since I am without pictures right now and it's at home and I'm at work...), some purple Matrix yarn, a couple balls of mercarized cotton yarn for some dishcloths, 3 balls of some gorgeous lilac alpaca, lovely knitting notecards, and two skeins of Lorna's Laces in the Green Valley colourway. Lorna's Laces, even in superwash wool, is so soft! I think I love it. I think that was everything, but I might be forgetting something since there was so much! Thank you for everything Secret Pal, for the wonderful gifts, but mostly for being such a caring person with so many kind words for me whenever I need them. I hope you have a great day!
(Imagine picture here of some gorgeous handspun)
Here we have some Nevermore yarn from Amy's Etsy shop that I purchased for myself. It is called Betta Fish and is a gorgeous blend of various natural fibers with a nylon filament spun in for shimmer. It is a gorgeous blend of purples and blues and I can't wait to knit it up into a lovely scarf. It turned out that she lives in the same city as I do so that's extra cool! I paid her shipping cause I figured it was only fair since gas costs money too and I got a pretty little package hand delivered to my mailbox, but inside was a beautiful mini skein in pinks, greys, and purples to cover the extra money I paid. Definitely not expected or necessary! I would recommend her to anyone!
(Imagine picture here of about 3.5 inches of my very first SOCK!)
Yessiree, Bob, that's a sock! It's a nice big, thick hunting sock for Davin, since I promised him a pair since I started knitting. The cuff went rather quickly since it was ribbed, but now that I'm on the stockinette it's pretty tight knit, so it's going a bit slower. I'm using a generated pattern from the Sock-u-Lator, knit cuff down. I can't wait to get to the fun parts!
I've also been working on Jenn's baby blankie. I'm now on the second repeat and I've switched to the other colour. This is one bold and tacky blanket, but she'll love it. I guess it's not really too tacky, just wild. And, as always, I've been working on my dishcloths. I did finish one within Show Your FO week, but I'd already posted pics of an identical one, so I figured there was little point. Plus I was wallowing in a pool of self pity due to having little knitting time and wanting to cast on for something new (counterproductive, ain't I?).
I would like to thank all my great blog pals who have been so supportive to me lately. You are all endlessly kind.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Check, check, one, two, three...

Ok, I totally know I dropped off the face of the planet. I've been sooooooooooooooo busy. I do want to say though that I received my first secret pal box two days ago and have pictures to share should I be able to find the time to upload them when I'm at home. Everything in the box was very lovely and I can't wait to show everyone. The colours came out a little off in the picture, I can tell already, but it was the best I could do seeing as the only times I am at home is when it's quite dark. Plus the lighting in my new room isn't quite as true as at Davin's house. Yes, I said Davin's house, not our house. Yup, we broke up. Reasons being many and varied. We are on really good terms though because we were brave enough to do it before things went sour. Neither one of us have ruled out a reconciliation, but for now I'm just trying to work out old issues that I hadn't dealt with before we got together. I'll be alright, in fact I'm doing rather well since I've been so busy. Anyway, I wanted to let all my bloggie pals know what's been up in my life the last little while. I love you all and have a wonderful day!