Tuesday, January 10, 2006

No good title comes to mind...

Ok, so, as promised I have a few pics to share. I don't have the ones of my dishcloths because I tried to email them to myself so I could post them while I was at work, but the email never happened for some unknown reason, so I'll post them at another later time.

First of all, I was tagged by FiberGirl at Frida Knits for the Knitting Space Meme, so I better pay up ;).

It's definitely nothing exciting and I most definitely didn't have the time to get artistic with it so you're getting to see it as I last left it. I sit with that pillow behind me for back support and that lovely blanket is my penguin/fur covered fleece blankey made for me by my MIL. You will also see my Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar, underneath which are all my knitting books and magazines, the orange is my airy scarf and yarn, the speckled blue is the Pooch scarf and yarn, the whiteish giant ball is dishcloth cotton, two of my dishcloths are sitting on top of it all finished and ready to go, that lovely skein of red wool that I wound by hand on a paper towel roll (I did a very good job!), and finally my sewing box. Drake usually falls asleep either beside me on the couch or in the corner where the two couches intersect. He likes to have a pillow and blankey though if he's gonna be on the floor ;). On the far left of the picture, you'll see the corner of my crabs' aquarium. Gee, all I had to do was throw in an Xbox controller and you would see my whole family's favorite places to be and things to do, he he.

I think I'm probably just about the last person to get tagged by this, so I'm gonna cop out and tag everyone who hasn't taken advantage of this meme yet. And, yes, I know how lame that is.

This here is all the yarn (minus the light blue for Noddy's shorts) I need to make these lovely dolls. My grampa used to read me Noddy Goes to Toyland as a child and my gramma used to knit me dolls like Ernie and Bert and even a Lambchop puppet. So, I'm making these and sending them to their house. I went straight to my LYS rather than my typical WalMart or Michaels. Don't worry, I didn't buy any of the really good stuff. Only paid $5 a skein for the red, blue, yellow and white. She pulled the little brown bit and the greyish teal out of her stash ends (for free I think!) and the flesh colour I did have to get from Michaels. The embroidery floss is also from Michaels to do the facial details. I justified buying the majority of it from my LYS because I'm not going to use very much of each colour and I don't really want to get stuck with that much really cheap acrylic in colours I don't really love. I also picked myself up some Lavender Eucalan, yippee!!! Now, I just have to find some light blue for Noddy's shorts. I ordered this pattern off of Ebay from England. I'm so excited to see them all finished!

Hmmm... what's next? Ahhh, yes. My very first sock yarn and DPNs especially purchased for socks.

My plan is to add a couple stripes in the other colours I purchased near the top and they will be quite handsome if I do say so myself. This yarn has some nylon spun with the wool so they shouldn't wear out too fast. They're for when Davin goes hunting/ice fishing/tobogganing and they were a special request (supposed to be before Christmas, but my goal is now for his birthday Feb 1... oh that's soon, maybe Valentine's day). And I did wind that ball all by myself, too. I'm so proud of me, can ya tell? Oooh, that's some nice dog hair on my couch.

And, finally, so my Ghetto status cannot be questionned due to the LYS trip detailed above, the beginnings of a baby blanket for Jenn being made out of 2 of those giant balls of Red Heart that they sell in the bins at WalMart. I really do like the colours. And you just can't beat the durability or washability. The Inox circs are for when I start the interior pattern of the blanket, because I didn't have the right size in my possession. Oh, and the yarn was from my stash. Three cheers for using stash yarn! This colour will be alternated every pattern repeat (about 25 rows I think) with a veregated red/orange/yellow.

Alright, I'm gonna get some things done around here before the end of the day. Ciao!


At 1/10/2006 4:45 p.m., Blogger Lynda said...

Yeah- she's making socks - you'll be sucked in now!!!

I have to say - that's a mighty comfy knitting spot you have there!

At 1/10/2006 9:13 p.m., Blogger Karen said...

Noddy and Big Ears!!!! OMG - I love them. I used to read Noddy at the Seaside all the time. I can't wait to see your dolls!!! (Can you tell I'm excited - you've brought back such a wonderful memory.) Love your knitting space - maybe I'll have to blog mine soon. And sock yarn - yeah!!

At 1/10/2006 10:02 p.m., Blogger K. said...

Sock yarn! hourrah! :-) Welcome to the club! And by the way, I really like the knitting zone, it looks kinda cozy, which is really what matters!

At 1/11/2006 1:15 a.m., Blogger Olga said...

Smart ghetto girl, knitting the blanket out of Red Heart! The washability is definitely key here; as one of my friends told me when I first started knitting, you don't want the new mother's heart to break when the baby poops all over your lovely handknit and then they can't get it out.

And, hello! The colors are gorgeous!

At 1/15/2006 8:27 p.m., Blogger Wendie said...

Yaaaaay!!! Thanks for posting your knitting spot! Nice way to get to know your fellow knittresses: )

gheto knitter...you crack me up!


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