Monday, January 09, 2006

Hell Week Watch - One down, Seven more to go!

Sorry about the whole non-postingness of me last week. I really wanted to post, but was just never home to do so (and when I was I was knitting/sleeping). Last week was my first week of rehearsals for The Good Person of Setzuan. It's going well and I'm very excited to see the finished product of my character. She is very mean and enterprising, but sometimes funny.

In the knitting department, I've cast on and finished a snowman dishcloth for my KAL, CO and finished a granny dishcloth for the 12 that were commissioned by a gal at work (oh, I didn't tell you about that, by the way, I need to knit 12 dishcloths for a gal at work), CO a lacey dishcloth for the 12, CO and finished one body piece for the Noddy and Bigears stuffed dolls that I'm making, stash enhanced a bit, and cast on for Jenn's baby blanket. Phew. I've continued on the Gryffindor scarf (argh, when will I finish) and I'm on stripe 10/19. Whoever said this was a quick knit must've been lightning fast. I'm still working on my Manos scarf and can't wait until I finish it. I've also frogged the Pooch scarf to begin again in simple garter stitch and have a couple of inches of that done.

I will elaborate on all of this as well as post some pics, but I'm not at home currently, so it'll have to be later. I have all my Secret Pal info too, that's super duper exciting, but I have a feeling I'm going to need to be very sneaky!

Ok, I love you, buh bye! (Didn't anyone ever watch Tiny Toons?)


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