Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Fa la la la la, la la la la

It's almost Christmas! I am finally starting to really get into the Christmas spirit. I even turned my radio to the station that plays Christmas carols all day long during the season. Exciting! I haven't been taking time to blog at all while I'm at home, hence no pics or patterns as promised. Maybe tonight. Jenn's also in town now which also leaves me with less time. I will make up for it somehow, someday. See, I do most of my blogging from work during the day when I'm bored, which is often. The joys of being a receptionist. Oh, I know exactly how I'll make up for the lack of pictures... he he just wait, just you wait.

Hmmm... I seem to remember I had something specific to blog about... OH I remember:

Talitha's Christmas Knitting List:

Numbers in < > are the chances of them getting finished in time

Mom: Red Welted rib, button hole scarf (finished) <100%>
Dad: Toque and matching scarf (not even yarn bought for them) <15%>
Sister: Lacey beanie and scarf <10%>
Jill: Skinny scarf (in progress) <90%> and poncho (just need to fringe it) <90%>
Moses: Striped scarf (last minute add on) <1%>
Jenn: Gryffindor scarf (stripe 4/19) <75%>
Baby: Trinity stitch "afghan" <90%>, antique pattern bib (finished) <100%>, Baby Uggs Booties (finito) <100%>, white acrylic commissioned booties (finised) <100%> Yes I know it's redundant to put finished and 100% chance of finishing, but dammit it's not on there very often and it feels good ok???
MIL: White Welted rib, button hole scarf <60%>

In addition to all this I have to sew my dog a fleece blankie, finish making everyone a Christmas ornament, make a painted wooden wreath for my door, paint a resin dog like Drake, and I think that's it for now. Honestly, to get all this finished I would need to work non-stop, everyday, all day until Christmas. Davin says the second I get stressed out about my knitting he is prying my little needles out of my hands and not giving them back until after Christmas (almost his exact words, he definitely did say "prying"). Lucky for me he missed my episode when I WAS stressed out about my holiday knitting. Ahh, the wonders of having blog friends to vent to.

So here is my plan of attack. For the remainder of this week, I will only work on the big projects a little bit and will get finished or started as the case may be on the smaller projects to give myself some momentum going into this weekend and the beginning of next week. Jenn leaves next Thursday so I will still need to be working hard on that scarf, but I will also need to touch other things, which I haven't been doing the last few days. Anyway, happy knitting and whatnot, I'm gonna go do some actual work. Shock, horror, I know.


At 12/07/2005 4:28 p.m., Blogger candsmom said...

Yikes!! That is one tremendously long to-knit and to-make Christmas list!! You're giving *me* IBS and eczema just looking at your list! ;-) But you can do it! And even if you don't, don't stress out over it. You can always gift things a little late or wrap what you do have, still in progress. Really, I think your recipients would be so thrilled just to know that you'd even think about going to all the trouble of hand-knitting a gift for them. And at least it sounds like you're in good spirits, enjoying the Christmas station and singing the tunes. ;-) Best wishes to you (and your insane knitting schedule and callous, too! haha! ;-)) and take care! :-)

At 12/07/2005 5:27 p.m., Blogger Karen said...

You are right, what is it about the holidays that kicks our OCD into high gear?? Why do we think we have to knit perfect things for EVERYONE we know? No way in blazes all my Christmas knitting is getting done either. That said, why am I on the computer instead of knitting?? Okay, vent to me any time you start to stress and I promise Davin doesn't need to know - and then you can keep your needles!!!!

At 12/08/2005 3:43 p.m., Blogger K. said...

Holiday stress sucks...especially when it comes to knitting which is supposed to be soooooo relaxing... about your man taking your needles, just point the needle at him looking really stern à la Dirty Harry and say "Do you feel lucky...huh! ya?" He'll laugh so hard he'll forget about taking the stix :) Take care of you callous and enjoy the Christmas music :)


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