Thursday, November 10, 2005

Just some thoughts

I like the colour purple, don't you? So I was sitting here thinking and thought of something I wanted to blog about... but now I've forgotten. Think, think, think (like Pooh Bear). Oh, I know. It's about my tension when I'm knitting on my DPNs. I have like headmistress tight tension on those puppies. It drives me crazy! I think it's because I pull it soooo tight so I don't end up with a ladder and then because I'm all tensed up over that the next stitches stay that tight. I know how I can fix it it's just annoying me. I'm getting better about not taking it out on the following stitches, lol.

I think I am wanting to make the Log Cabin Afghan. I have been looking for a nice afghan pattern to work on and I think I like this one. Especially if I do it sort of one colour tones on two sides and a different colour tones on two sides. That makes no sense the way I wrote it, but it looks pretty anyway. I cannot wait until I can cuddle up in my own special creation. After Christmas I'll start and hopefully finish before I don't need it again for the year! I like the idea of it because in a sense it's like a patchwork quilt. It'd be nice to use some stash ends, but I wonder how it would turn out if I use varoius weights and substances. Probably not as hot as if I did it all in the same yarn, different colours. Oh I wish the yarn fairy would visit me!

On that note, a certain kind of yarn fairy has brought some new yarn to live at my house. I received the Russian yarn I'd ordered off E-Bay. Ohhhhh... it is so soft. It's a very nice alpaca, synthetic, wool blend in just a natural beige colour. Also in there was a bit of some white mohair with a shiny silver ladder run alongside it. Not sure what I'm going to make yet. I can't remember how much mohair it is, but it isn't much and in the alpaca I have 600 meters worsted weight. Oh I wish I was at home right now snuggling into it. I think maybe a sweater of some sort. I'm rather small so that may be enough? Probably not. Maybe I could make myself a wrap then or like one of those fake cowls to wear around my neck. I'll wait until it learns enough english in my house so that it can tell me what it wants to be. See it's like that with me and my yarn. If I buy it specifically for a project I don't have to worry about it, but if I buy it because I WANT it I just sit, knit and wait for it to say, "Ok, Talitha, it's time. I'm ready to be a ______." I hope it decides sooner rather than later.


At 11/10/2005 12:23 p.m., Blogger Karen said...

I always wanted to learn Russian - too bad I haven't, or I could translate your yarn for you!! LOL Can't wait to here what it wants to become.

I had tension issues with DPNs too. I also had a hard time holding my yarn. It's still not great, but getting easier. It's fun to be mastering this kntting stuff, huh?

Thanks so much for your nice comments to my blog. All the support and encouragement from bloggers bowls me over.


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