Monday, November 14, 2005

Craft Expo

So, there was a craft expo in town this weekend. It's one of the larger annual type deals. I like to go to as many expo's as I can around here because it is often the only time you can access certain products. Anyway, I'm walking around thinking, "Man, someone could really clean up with a yarn booth." Literally, the only yarn there was in the place was some homemade mohair (one ball each of a few different colours in a very small basket) and some thrumming kits (rather cheap). All I can say is schmeh to that. Like really. There weren't even many booths with handknit products and even then it was old lady type stuff, not hip stuff like all we knitting bloggers turn out. In the end I picked up some human grade homemade doggie treats for Drake, a doggie pattern apron for when I bake, some shoulder protectors to use in place of a receiving blanket to send to Lizzy (actually quite a very good idea they are a bit smaller for where they rest on the top of your shoulder and then flare out a bit to the front and back of you), some extremely cheap doggie booties for Drake to wear in the snow, hmmm I think that was everything. There was a younger gal selling the coolest homemade jewellery. It was all really funky and she had just a ton of the stuff. It was a bit overpriced so I could tell she was probably making a killing as she was constantly taking payment for one item or another. There were lots of handmade soap booths, etc., but it just didn't scratch my crafty bone for some reason. Maybe because rather than part-time craftsters like me, everyone was really trying to do this as a full-time business. Like I found a lot of the people were so stressed out they came across as rude business people rather than the kindred spirits I suppose they were deep down somewhere. At any rate, Drake got quite the haul of stuff.

I'm getting excited for Christmas. I have decided to take some weight off my shoulders and not stress about giving everyone on my list a handknit item. Enough said there. Last night at my rehearsal for an alumni event I have to perform at tonight I was knitting in between the parts I needed to be involved in and everyone was laughing at me... typical me though.


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