Thursday, November 03, 2005


So, I have so many pictures to post, but alas, my roomate unplugged my USB cord from the computer for unknown reasons and when I was cleaning up in a mad rage at 6 o'clock in the morning when he brought people over for drinks (aaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhh) I put it somewhere very unknown to me. So, well I put off posting until I found it, but it just ain't happenin. So, I'm finished the antique patterned baby bib with a little tweaking by me. I still have yet to put the damn fringe on the damn poncho... gawd what an FO loser I am. I've been working on a skinny scarf using Matrix for Jill as well and wow does Matrix tick me off. It's near impossible for me to actually knit into both halves of it. So something that just be knit up in like an hour because it's so skinny and on such big needles is taking a jillion years. I've started the monthly dishcloth knitalong which I must say is a barrel of monkeys. I get so excited for the next day's part of the pattern when I'm finished for the day. And my idea of what it may be seems to change with the wind. Other than that, I've just been working on my various UFO's: baby afghan that may kill me, Christmas cloth/towel/thingee (which I think will be one of those hanging tab towels in my kitchen), and yoga bag (pretty much on hold now until after the dreaded C-day).

Davin left yesterday for some training all the way in Toronto. I have put in a request for some MAC cosmetics (mmm makeup) and some nice yarn. The thing about the yarn is though, that boys don't really understand that you need more than one ball/skein of the same one and if I was able to make him understand this he would probably come home with a number far too large, so I just leave things the way they are. In order to console myself and make me less lonely I went knitting book/magazine shopping. I was unable to find any suitable magazines so I bought Stitch n Bitch Nation. Wow, I will have fun working my way through that book once Christmas is over. They didn't have Last Minute Gifts, much to my chagrine I really wanted that one. The had Handmade Christmas, but on second look it didn't seem as exciting as I had first thought so I didn't buy it. In the end, I only got my ten rows of Knit-Along fun done and leafed the rest of the night through SnB Nation. He he... whoops. AND I stayed up too late musing over it. Oh wait, I lied, I did work a bit on the skinny scarf. I think it's just about time to start another project I feel my fingers itching for it, but which one to start? I'm sure my stash will tell me.


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