Tuesday, November 15, 2005

20 Things

Well, I don't know what "meme" means (is it ME-ME!!! or it could be french for same... ahhh since people have to do the same thing....), ok maybe I have a slight clue given to me by my marvelous powers of deduction (which almost always are so far off the mark due to my crazy imagination), and I haven't even been tagged by anyone (don't think I'm sad about this because I'm not, I hate pressure!), but I'm going to list 20 things about me. Just because I feel it's time for people to know about my life other than my knitting. I feel I have posted enough knitting related posts to warrant this.

1. I moved around a lot growing up. I think by the time I was in Grade 9 I had lived in over ten different houses and the longest I had ever stayed in one house was under 2 years.

2. Due to number (1) I have a mean two year itch when it comes to anything. It is a testiment to our *true love* that Davin and I have made it past that mark. ;)

3. I am a hardcore Disney fan, my favorites being Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Bambi and Dumbo. I'm not a huge fan of their newer non-fairy tale movies... :(.

4. Due to number (3) I AM A PRINCESS!!!

5. I love to go to the ballet more than the theatre. Wrong, I know since I have been a theatre major for going on 3 years of my life, but here's the logic behind it: I have no grace = I cannot be a ballerina. My ballet teachers from when I was 5 can vouch for me. So I guess I decided if it's the only way I can be on stage, I'll act.

6. Although I love to act, I want a family, which is why I'm going to switch to Traditional Chinese Medicine. This way I can make my own schedule, which will allow me to spend more time with children. Also, constantly having to audition in order to maintain work and never knowing if you'll be getting paid next month is a bit too stressful for me.

7. I don't deal with stress well.

8. I fully intend to be an amazing actor from time to time when the urge strikes me.

9. I hate acting for film or TV.

10. This is why I could never make money acting.

11. I'm bad at keeping up friendships. I am a lazy person and hate calling people, also assuming they are too busy to talk to me or that I am too busy (read lazy) to talk to them.

12. I am also to lazy to e-mail.

13. Strangely, reading other people's wonderful blogs inspires me to make myself a wonderful blog, therein bypassing my laziness.

14. Knitting and yoga are my two favorite activities because they allow me to revel in my hate-physical-activity-and-doing-anything state and yet actually be productive.

15. I want another pet even though I'm currently too busy to take proper care of the 4 I have. I try to get past this guilt by telling myself a new pet would not be MINE, but rather Drake's (my dog). Is that wrong? By the way, he really wants a kitten.

16. I love my birthday, but never truly celebrate it.

17. I cannot decide if I am a dog person or a cat person.

18. I hate it when... I now don't remember what I was going to write. I hate that. It happens to me all the time. For this reason I often have to interrupt people in order to say what I need to say before it escapes me.

19. I am the queen of extreme pet peeves. I hate it when people chew loudly so much that it almost sends me into a fitful rage, I hate how asking someone how they are and them saying "Good" no matter how they truly are has become a standard greeting, and I hate that I now remember what I was going to write for number (18).

Additional 18: I hate it when men stare at me, but I love the feeling of leaving my house knowing that they should be. It's a vicious cycle I tell you. LMAO!!!

20. I have always gotten along better with people a few years older than me. I think it is a side effect of the fact that my parent's friends all only had children my sister's age so I had the choice of hanging out with noisy dirty little kids 5 1/2 years younger than me or with the adults. I always chose the adults.

And 21 because it just came to me: I think the Jem doll (circa 1987 I'm pretty sure) had grotesquely large feet and they honestly scared me as a small child. I had a secret fantasy of chopping those things off.

Weird how when I got to the end of 20, Blogger automatically changed my font back to normal. Really weird.


At 11/15/2005 11:36 a.m., Blogger keohinani said...

yeah, dude, what the heck was up with jem's feet? i could never figure that one out...i mean, compared to barbie, she had grotesque man feet. hee hee.
i have to disagree with you and say finding nemo and the incredibles were pretty good, as well as give props to the lilo & stitch movie. actually, the worst thing i think disney ever did was come up with sequels to the movies...beauty and the beast mini movies, little mermaid 2, cinderella 2, aladdin 2 &3? wtf? i prefer having "happily ever after" left to my own interpretation.
and i fall under the "lazy friend" category, too. ;P

At 11/15/2005 2:48 p.m., Blogger Karen said...

Oh man, I forgot to tag people after I did my 20 things!! Well, you would have been on my tag list - so consider yourself tagged by me!!! Yes, Drake needs a kitty! And when people pop their gum, it makes me want to ram it down their throats until they choke on it. Oooh, hostle.

At 11/15/2005 3:11 p.m., Blogger Talitha said...

Ha ha, I totally forgot about those movies and how Finding Nemo is my favorite. How could I forget? But still no princess :(. And no worries, I stay away from the sequels and threequels (is that a word???). Lilo and Stitch always reminds me of when I started dating Davin he would always beg to see it and that's when I started to realize he was a keeper ;). When I worked in the animal boarding business there was a Lilo and a Stitch who came in all the time (from different families). They couldn't have been more aptly named that's for sure!

At 11/16/2005 1:43 a.m., Blogger candsmom said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog- hopped on over from Karen's blog. Great 20 things list! I love the Disney classics, too, especially Beauty and the Beast. The Lion King doesn't count as a fairy tale, but I really love that one. Still makes me tear up, especially now that I have kids. And I give you credit for doing yoga. I love the philosophy and spiritual meditative aspect, but I *suck* at it. :-P That ujjayi breathing just never came naturally! BTW, I hear you on the pet peeves- especially the loud chewing. Argh!

At 11/17/2005 5:43 p.m., Blogger K. said...

Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog, and your 20things list is sweet EXCEPT that you missed out on the all time best Disney movie of all time: Aladdin!!!!!!! There's just something great about a movie with a smart animated monkey named Abu!

At 11/18/2005 3:51 p.m., Blogger keohinani said...

hercules was also among my favorite movies...i watched the spinoff cartoon for that one...and aladdin, too!
thanks for your sweet comments! i remember we'd go up to canada for tournaments and dang! canadians totally kick arse! any time we wrestled them, we had to fight tooth and nail to score. if i'd known that before going to college, i probably would've gone to school in canada...like at simon fraser or something.

At 11/18/2005 4:13 p.m., Blogger Talitha said...

Simon Fraser is a VERY good school all around. Soon I will be in Vancouver just like that school. *sigh* For now I'm in Regina and, no it isn't wonderful to live in a place that rhymes with v@gin@ (didn't want that to pop up on X-rated searches, lol).


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