Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My knitting is getting to me!

So, I just went to touch my lip with my fingertip and it felt really really rough and hard. So I feel my fingertip with my thumbtip and then my thumbnail pressed into it -- it's a callous! A KNITTING callous. Wow. I guess that means I'm officially a knitter now. I kinda feel special (and that's not sarcasm either!). He he.

Last night I cast on another little project as I need to knit a cloth for each of my two professors. The one prof gave us a writing exercise where we had to write something about a pear so I'm knitting him a pear dishcloth. The other prof was not as easy to "shop" for so I used an online program to create an "Om" graph pattern that will soon be a dish/washcloth as well. I figure I'll wrap the cloths around a votive or soap bar and wrap a nice little bow around and that'll be good. The only reason I'm even giving them anything is because I found the pear pattern and thought it was too perfect to pass up and seeing as it's a small faculty if I give one prof a Christmas gift and not the other there will be hell to pay. Beware the wrath of a male actor/dancer/choreographer/yogi!!! Today's been slow and boring. One hour and ten minutes left in the work day and then I have to do some running around and go to yoga class. Sometimes I think that having a scheduled yoga class goes against the whole yogic way of life. Something about fitting scheduled relaxation and meditation into an already jam packed schedule seems ummm just not right. I dunno, I could be wrong, cuz really if it wasn't scheduled I'd never go instead of only going half the time. Schmeh.

Monday, November 28, 2005

A little help from my friends.

I uh... have a little question. Has anyone ever managed to ummm knit whilst you know like ummmm stationary biking or on a recumbant? I just thought it might be fun, but am rather frightened to walk into the university gym and whip out my knitting. Really, projects get washed before being worn or gifted in the first place, so what's a little sweat, right? I'm just thinking about how much knitting I could get done and how much distance I could burn on the bike without even noticing! It was just a little brain wave I had just now. I think it would be funny if I could teach my friends to knit along with me and then we could go to the gym together and knit. We'd be quite the posse, time might even slow and theme music play as we walk -- rather-- blow through the doors of that place. The funny part is that it's not the knitting in the gym that will prevent me from making this happen... it's the actually going to the gym part that I have issues with. It's a side-effect of being a lazy lump. I do believe we've been over this before.

I need help/suggestions with convincing Davin to buy me yarn off of my wishlist for Christmas. He says he doesn't want to buy me a Christmas present that I may use to give to someone else. I say just knitting with some nice yarn is enough of a gift. He disagrees. Really, I wonder if he would remember which yarn was which even if I did use it for a project for someone else. Hmmm....

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Bah doo dah doo dah doo dah

I have a magic new FO!!! My MIL bought Davin's brother's soon-to-be-born baby a handknit sweater and needed some booties to match. She also has commissioned a hat, which I have yet to start. Anywho, the good news is the booties are finished and the bad news is the sweater was pure acrylic which means so are the booties. I am beginning to understand yarn-snob ways. Acrylic just doesn't have as much give and makes my hands sore! Anyway, the pattern is the One Hour Baby Booties from SnBN, without the crochet strap across the top. I figure the baby's gonna be a wiggly little boy so it won't stay still long enough to do the strap up.

Sooooo... here's the progress shot on Jenn's Gryffindor scarf ------->

Look! It's flying in the wind!!!

So, I got very little knitting done again this weekend, yay me, but we did get our new truck so next week I might be able to get to the chiropractor and actually be able to make it through the week! Sweeeeet. I have all my final presentations for my classes this week so I won't have a whole lot of time to knit this week, but I've decided to send the baby afghan with Davin's parents when they go down to meet the baby at the end of the month, so that's one less monkey on my back. However, that scarf really needs to grow some. Oh, speaking of scarves, I've had two commissioned for after Christmas! I'm excited about that. A couple of guys in my classes yet. They all see me knitting, but I guess they assume I suck at it like I suck at everything in life and I don't, ya see? Ha. I also picked up the new Knit1 mag. I bought it for the men's projects, but also for the gorgeous giant cowl neck sweater with the 3/4 sleeves... mmmm so easy and so cute! It will be my first sweater. It's a bit annoying how all they use in Knit1 is Lion Brand. To me anyway. Although it means that the real yarn for the project is a lot more easily accessible for me here in Canada than most yarns used in other mags, books, etc. Well, I think I need to go get some more knitting done before bed. Blog at ya l8r. Geez... I'm just plain cheesy.

Friday, November 25, 2005


Hey all, just wanted to confirm that I am still around I've just been busy and exhausted and knitting. I got news this week that my best friend will be here on the 3rd of December and I am currently on the third stripe of 19 on her Gryffindor scarf. Yipes. Hence why I haven't been blogging because I was on stripe one when I found that out. Not much progress, I know, but I've been otherwise busy as well. It's not that I have to have the Gryffindor scarf all the way finished before she gets here, but she leaves on the 15th and I will be with her quite often which will leave me with no time to work on it while she's here. Also, I still have to finish the baby afghan and send it SOON. Like, as in, this weekend. Must FO. Must. Must. MUST!!! I have pictures I need to post and this is yet another reason why I haven't been blogging in earnest this week. Anyway, I'm incredibly sorry to be so boring, but ummmm ONE MONTH TILL CHRISTMAS. Sorry for the frantic quality of this post. I really am. Ok, I love you, buh bye! (And, yes, I am so far off the deep end I am swimming currently in the Mariana Trench).

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Another weekend toasted.

Boooooooo... where are my weekends going??? All I got done was dust my house, vacuum some of it and a teensy tiny little bit of knitting. I have no real progress to show there. Just little bits of growth here and there (Gryffindor scarf, KAL dishcloth, yup that's it all weekend :( ). I did however buy myself a cute little knitting bag as they were on sale at Zellers. I got it for $15, I think that's a pretty good deal. At first I wasn't sure what the little snappy loops on the side were for and then like a lightbulb I realize, "Damn, those would be handy for my yarn to feed through." Brilliant!!! I am now very glad I invested in a real knitting bag instead of just buying a bag for my knitting. Yay me. Drake was also quite impressed with my decision.

Anyway, I was beginning to get excited about doing some knitting for myself (other than a few scarves which are still on the needles) and then, BLAM, someone else close to me is pregnant. So no ME knitting and more baby knitting. I anticipate another set of Uggs booties, another bib, and another afghan at least. Maybe I'll attempt the baby bunting bag this time too. Thank God I bought too much of all the baby yarn and, thus, will not have to buy any more. Ahhhhh... now THAT feels good. Don't get me wrong, I am excited, especially since this person lives in the same city as I do instead of on the other side of the country like Lizzy. I'm just gettin' the baby crazies.

This morning I woke up with a swollen eye. No, nobody had beat me up in the night. Yesterday, Davin was holding Drake up and Drake elbowed me smack in the eye, TWICE. It hurts a lot. See, I am a wimp (read MEGA WIMP SUCKAAAAA) and have never been in a fight, let alone gotten a black eye so this is new turf for me. Needless to say, I have been getting my whine time out of the situation. You betcha ;). And now, I leave you with a picture of my current KAL dishcloth:
And, yes it is gimped, that's not just the picture. It keeps shrinking widthwise as I knit. Also, simply looking at this cloth does not do the pattern justice, it is a pretty complicated one. I just can't seem to see why such a complicated pattern can yield something so normal looking. Oh well, it is just a dishcloth.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

20 Things

Well, I don't know what "meme" means (is it ME-ME!!! or it could be french for same... ahhh since people have to do the same thing....), ok maybe I have a slight clue given to me by my marvelous powers of deduction (which almost always are so far off the mark due to my crazy imagination), and I haven't even been tagged by anyone (don't think I'm sad about this because I'm not, I hate pressure!), but I'm going to list 20 things about me. Just because I feel it's time for people to know about my life other than my knitting. I feel I have posted enough knitting related posts to warrant this.

1. I moved around a lot growing up. I think by the time I was in Grade 9 I had lived in over ten different houses and the longest I had ever stayed in one house was under 2 years.

2. Due to number (1) I have a mean two year itch when it comes to anything. It is a testiment to our *true love* that Davin and I have made it past that mark. ;)

3. I am a hardcore Disney fan, my favorites being Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Bambi and Dumbo. I'm not a huge fan of their newer non-fairy tale movies... :(.

4. Due to number (3) I AM A PRINCESS!!!

5. I love to go to the ballet more than the theatre. Wrong, I know since I have been a theatre major for going on 3 years of my life, but here's the logic behind it: I have no grace = I cannot be a ballerina. My ballet teachers from when I was 5 can vouch for me. So I guess I decided if it's the only way I can be on stage, I'll act.

6. Although I love to act, I want a family, which is why I'm going to switch to Traditional Chinese Medicine. This way I can make my own schedule, which will allow me to spend more time with children. Also, constantly having to audition in order to maintain work and never knowing if you'll be getting paid next month is a bit too stressful for me.

7. I don't deal with stress well.

8. I fully intend to be an amazing actor from time to time when the urge strikes me.

9. I hate acting for film or TV.

10. This is why I could never make money acting.

11. I'm bad at keeping up friendships. I am a lazy person and hate calling people, also assuming they are too busy to talk to me or that I am too busy (read lazy) to talk to them.

12. I am also to lazy to e-mail.

13. Strangely, reading other people's wonderful blogs inspires me to make myself a wonderful blog, therein bypassing my laziness.

14. Knitting and yoga are my two favorite activities because they allow me to revel in my hate-physical-activity-and-doing-anything state and yet actually be productive.

15. I want another pet even though I'm currently too busy to take proper care of the 4 I have. I try to get past this guilt by telling myself a new pet would not be MINE, but rather Drake's (my dog). Is that wrong? By the way, he really wants a kitten.

16. I love my birthday, but never truly celebrate it.

17. I cannot decide if I am a dog person or a cat person.

18. I hate it when... I now don't remember what I was going to write. I hate that. It happens to me all the time. For this reason I often have to interrupt people in order to say what I need to say before it escapes me.

19. I am the queen of extreme pet peeves. I hate it when people chew loudly so much that it almost sends me into a fitful rage, I hate how asking someone how they are and them saying "Good" no matter how they truly are has become a standard greeting, and I hate that I now remember what I was going to write for number (18).

Additional 18: I hate it when men stare at me, but I love the feeling of leaving my house knowing that they should be. It's a vicious cycle I tell you. LMAO!!!

20. I have always gotten along better with people a few years older than me. I think it is a side effect of the fact that my parent's friends all only had children my sister's age so I had the choice of hanging out with noisy dirty little kids 5 1/2 years younger than me or with the adults. I always chose the adults.

And 21 because it just came to me: I think the Jem doll (circa 1987 I'm pretty sure) had grotesquely large feet and they honestly scared me as a small child. I had a secret fantasy of chopping those things off.

Weird how when I got to the end of 20, Blogger automatically changed my font back to normal. Really weird.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Craft Expo

So, there was a craft expo in town this weekend. It's one of the larger annual type deals. I like to go to as many expo's as I can around here because it is often the only time you can access certain products. Anyway, I'm walking around thinking, "Man, someone could really clean up with a yarn booth." Literally, the only yarn there was in the place was some homemade mohair (one ball each of a few different colours in a very small basket) and some thrumming kits (rather cheap). All I can say is schmeh to that. Like really. There weren't even many booths with handknit products and even then it was old lady type stuff, not hip stuff like all we knitting bloggers turn out. In the end I picked up some human grade homemade doggie treats for Drake, a doggie pattern apron for when I bake, some shoulder protectors to use in place of a receiving blanket to send to Lizzy (actually quite a very good idea they are a bit smaller for where they rest on the top of your shoulder and then flare out a bit to the front and back of you), some extremely cheap doggie booties for Drake to wear in the snow, hmmm I think that was everything. There was a younger gal selling the coolest homemade jewellery. It was all really funky and she had just a ton of the stuff. It was a bit overpriced so I could tell she was probably making a killing as she was constantly taking payment for one item or another. There were lots of handmade soap booths, etc., but it just didn't scratch my crafty bone for some reason. Maybe because rather than part-time craftsters like me, everyone was really trying to do this as a full-time business. Like I found a lot of the people were so stressed out they came across as rude business people rather than the kindred spirits I suppose they were deep down somewhere. At any rate, Drake got quite the haul of stuff.

I'm getting excited for Christmas. I have decided to take some weight off my shoulders and not stress about giving everyone on my list a handknit item. Enough said there. Last night at my rehearsal for an alumni event I have to perform at tonight I was knitting in between the parts I needed to be involved in and everyone was laughing at me... typical me though.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Well, goal NOT accomplished

So, here we see some additions to my stash i.e. my Russian yarn and shiny mohair. I think that the Russian alpaca wants to be run alongside the mostly fake mohair pictured with it and made into a stole for me. They are both so soft and I know some of the more yarn snobbish people will find this oh so wrong, but soft is soft, dammit! Also pictured is my progress report on the baby afghan which I did NOT finish... argh. I'm getting there though... I figure another 4 inches will be sufficient. It's not a good picture as far as progress reports go, but I was in the middle of a row when the urge to blog overtook me. Notice the little Drake nose in both of the yarn stash pictures? Mhmm... he loves it. The other pic is us on the couch last night watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005). I was asleep and he was trying to fit. Have I mentioned that he's convinced he's a cat? Yeah, he was definitely up on the back of the couch today sleeping. This dog is 21 kgs!

Now a question: I don't know how to spread my pictures out at different spots in my post. I swear I've tried everything. Do I have to go into the Edit HTML option to do it?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

A couple things...

Ok, so first of all I need to commit to something and that is that over this long weekend I will finish the baby afghan if it kills me. I absolutely will. This thing needs to be done before the baby gets here which is supposed to be December 15th but Lizzy is huuuuuuuuuge from what I hear so it really could be anytime. Do they ever TRULY know? Plus it needs time to get from here (Saskatchewan) to Nova Scotia which could be like a good couple weeks who knows. I think the standard is 7-10 working days. So really it needs to get sent off like now. Ok, I'm starting to sound bossy and grumpy to myself, but I'm not, I swear, self.

Second, I need suggestions on a good knitting mag to ask for a subscription to for Christmas. I like Creative Knitting so I think I'll ask for that, but I'm just wondering if there is something out there that I might enjoy and I just don't know about yet. I like the type of stuff that's in Knitty and SnB Nation is chock full of projects I need to knit. Any suggestions are welcome.

P.S. I will post some photos in my next post I swear. I know, I hate boring non-pictured posts too. But, I just don't have my camera when I'm at work and that's when I do most of my posting. Excuses, excuses....

Just some thoughts

I like the colour purple, don't you? So I was sitting here thinking and thought of something I wanted to blog about... but now I've forgotten. Think, think, think (like Pooh Bear). Oh, I know. It's about my tension when I'm knitting on my DPNs. I have like headmistress tight tension on those puppies. It drives me crazy! I think it's because I pull it soooo tight so I don't end up with a ladder and then because I'm all tensed up over that the next stitches stay that tight. I know how I can fix it it's just annoying me. I'm getting better about not taking it out on the following stitches, lol.

I think I am wanting to make the Log Cabin Afghan. I have been looking for a nice afghan pattern to work on and I think I like this one. Especially if I do it sort of one colour tones on two sides and a different colour tones on two sides. That makes no sense the way I wrote it, but it looks pretty anyway. I cannot wait until I can cuddle up in my own special creation. After Christmas I'll start and hopefully finish before I don't need it again for the year! I like the idea of it because in a sense it's like a patchwork quilt. It'd be nice to use some stash ends, but I wonder how it would turn out if I use varoius weights and substances. Probably not as hot as if I did it all in the same yarn, different colours. Oh I wish the yarn fairy would visit me!

On that note, a certain kind of yarn fairy has brought some new yarn to live at my house. I received the Russian yarn I'd ordered off E-Bay. Ohhhhh... it is so soft. It's a very nice alpaca, synthetic, wool blend in just a natural beige colour. Also in there was a bit of some white mohair with a shiny silver ladder run alongside it. Not sure what I'm going to make yet. I can't remember how much mohair it is, but it isn't much and in the alpaca I have 600 meters worsted weight. Oh I wish I was at home right now snuggling into it. I think maybe a sweater of some sort. I'm rather small so that may be enough? Probably not. Maybe I could make myself a wrap then or like one of those fake cowls to wear around my neck. I'll wait until it learns enough english in my house so that it can tell me what it wants to be. See it's like that with me and my yarn. If I buy it specifically for a project I don't have to worry about it, but if I buy it because I WANT it I just sit, knit and wait for it to say, "Ok, Talitha, it's time. I'm ready to be a ______." I hope it decides sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Post, post, post, post...

I guess you can't hear it, but in my head was the "charge" song thing. You know what I'm talking about. Dah, dah, dah, dah dah dah -- POST! Anyway, I figured I better post if my head was telling me to.

You know you're an obsessive knitter when:

- Upon considering auditioning for the next play at school the first thing that came into my head was, "Oh no, will I still have time to finish my Christmas knitting?"


Oh and did I mention sick? I actually had all but decided against it when some glorious soul assured me and my knitting that rehearsals won't really get started until AFTER Christmas. Sigh. So I can have both my loves... excellent. You see, they don't look too well on not being in the productions when you're a PERFORMANCE major. Lol.

Major snowstorm here in Skatch. Luckily where I am isn't getting most of it, only 2-4 inches oh sorry for all you metric people 7-10 cm I think. I hope the coming of snow will spur me on to finish many more projects. Davin's already begun asking when I'm putting up the Christmas decorations and yes that's my fiance, not a child.

Speaking of finishing projects, I cannot express to myself or anyone how proud of myself I am over this last weekend. Not only did I finish 3 projects (small ones, but still), but I taught myself how to use DPNs. Not a small feat, I tell ya. So, of course I'm sitting last night thinking hmmm I only have like 4 projects on the needles, that's sooooo not enough. Lol. So I cast on for a Crisscross scarf pattern that I found somewhere in blogland I think. I realized as I picked up the pattern however that it does not say how many to cast on. Sooooo... I could not be bothered to NOT start this scarf so I look down and see that the gauge should be 24 stitches in patt. should = 4". And the scarf is supposed to be a finished 4 inches wide! Oh my brilliant powers of deduction I laud thee. Anyway, did a couple repeats of the pattern and it's looking pretty good. Not perfect, but it's in a mohair so really it's not that big of a deal if it's not completely perfect. Plus the stitches that you cross over are huge so it's hard to get them exactly right. Oh excuses... it really looks fine anyway. Plus I think I paid 3 dollars for the yarn so who really cares.

At this point I would like to talk about a couple of my FOs, in case you've forgotten. The Christmas hanging towel is my Frankenstein. I took the "feather and fan" (although my YOs were lost in translation) pattern off the yarn band and the pattern for the hanging part of it off a pattern database. I like the finished product although the whole incident with using the second ball of yarn backwards produced an unsightley pattern in the towel. One morning I woke up and this once UFO told me it wanted to hang from the oven so it could smell all my wonderful Christmas baking and what could I do but acquiesce? The snowflake button on it is sparkly which just makes the project, let me tell you. I love sparkles. Tom was my very first KAL project off the Monthly Dishcloth KAL. It turned out quite well, even if it is a month late for my turkey day ;). And the bib is for my soon to be neice or nephew. It hurt my hands to knit because the needles were so small and pokey. Enough about all that though. I think my urge to post has been sated.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Well, it ain't gold, but almost as good... my USB cord! Huhzah!!! Ok, so many many pictures to follow. I am the FO princess of the day. Here are my antique pattern baby bib, my first KAL dishcloth (it's a turkey!), my Christmas hanging towel, the beginning of a scarf for ME and the arghness and alrightness of the beginning of Gryffindor scarf. Also, the WIP of Jill's skinny scarf. Wow. Oh and by arghness and alrightness I mean my first try at DPNs. A bit unruly. More written info on pics to follow.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Is it weird that I've made up my own knitting method? Like I knit mostly English, but there are certain things I do that I've discovered through trial and error (my main error being that I wrap the purl stitch the wrong way around) that make everything work and look proper. So if everything is still ok, is it still wrong? I mean I'll feel bad ever teaching anyone cuz they'll have to go through the tribulations I have, but really if it works for me, why should I change? Just a thought.


So, I have so many pictures to post, but alas, my roomate unplugged my USB cord from the computer for unknown reasons and when I was cleaning up in a mad rage at 6 o'clock in the morning when he brought people over for drinks (aaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhh) I put it somewhere very unknown to me. So, well I put off posting until I found it, but it just ain't happenin. So, I'm finished the antique patterned baby bib with a little tweaking by me. I still have yet to put the damn fringe on the damn poncho... gawd what an FO loser I am. I've been working on a skinny scarf using Matrix for Jill as well and wow does Matrix tick me off. It's near impossible for me to actually knit into both halves of it. So something that just be knit up in like an hour because it's so skinny and on such big needles is taking a jillion years. I've started the monthly dishcloth knitalong which I must say is a barrel of monkeys. I get so excited for the next day's part of the pattern when I'm finished for the day. And my idea of what it may be seems to change with the wind. Other than that, I've just been working on my various UFO's: baby afghan that may kill me, Christmas cloth/towel/thingee (which I think will be one of those hanging tab towels in my kitchen), and yoga bag (pretty much on hold now until after the dreaded C-day).

Davin left yesterday for some training all the way in Toronto. I have put in a request for some MAC cosmetics (mmm makeup) and some nice yarn. The thing about the yarn is though, that boys don't really understand that you need more than one ball/skein of the same one and if I was able to make him understand this he would probably come home with a number far too large, so I just leave things the way they are. In order to console myself and make me less lonely I went knitting book/magazine shopping. I was unable to find any suitable magazines so I bought Stitch n Bitch Nation. Wow, I will have fun working my way through that book once Christmas is over. They didn't have Last Minute Gifts, much to my chagrine I really wanted that one. The had Handmade Christmas, but on second look it didn't seem as exciting as I had first thought so I didn't buy it. In the end, I only got my ten rows of Knit-Along fun done and leafed the rest of the night through SnB Nation. He he... whoops. AND I stayed up too late musing over it. Oh wait, I lied, I did work a bit on the skinny scarf. I think it's just about time to start another project I feel my fingers itching for it, but which one to start? I'm sure my stash will tell me.