Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Try another day

So, I just realized that I've been spending so much of my time at work reading knitting blogs, I haven't updated mine in awhile. I feel bad there aren't many pictures, but I have tried to add more, but it said something about needing a host (which was different than last time) and I didn't feel like figuring everything out so I forgot about it. Maybe tonight I will venture to upload some pictures.
I started another object. A Christmas veregated feather and fan dishcloth! It's not turning out very much like it's supposed to (a wonderful side effect of throwing instead of picking in a mostly picked world). My yarn overs are being knit into so the holes aren't really there, but the shaping is and it looks neat so that's all I care about. I can just tell everyone it was a creative choice on my part. ;) The pattern said it only took 1 ball of yarn, but that gave me a very short cloth so I'm extending it to 2 balls. I have this habit of looking for yarn labels with all different patterns on them when I'm picking out my yarn and it got me into some trouble. I was so worried about it I forgot to check dyelot. Oh yay me. Luckily when I went back I was able to find matching dyelots to the two different ones I had purchased and knit one of already. Now the dishcloth is getting rather long so it may end up as a decorative hand towel in my bathroom... who knows. Also, I took painstaking efforts to ensure that nobody would be able to tell I had tied on a new ball by cutting the yarn to the exact point where the other one ended off and then (oh I love myself!) brilliantly decided to pull the yarn out the opposite way from the ball. My fiance claims it gives it a cool effect, but I am a lover of symmetry so I'm not so sure, but I'm too lazy to fix it. Even though I noticed in the first row I started knitting of the second ball I was STILL too lazy. Yay me.
I have a wonderful plan to finish Jill's Christmas poncho this weekend (the fringe and one seam) since Davin's away all weekend coaching a hockey camp. I'll have nobody looking at me like I'm crazy when I knit for 48 hours straight. Sleep? Nah. Not when I can get so much done!


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