Thursday, October 27, 2005


Ok, so yesterday I'm reading blogs and OH MY apparently there's not much time until Christmas. I knew this and have known this for quite awhile now as I started my Christmas projects in September (not full force, mind you). I became gradually more and more worried as these more seasoned knitters than I were very troubled that there are only about 60 days left until Christmas. Seems like a long enough time to me seeing as all I do when I'm home is knit. I have many, many projects on the go (let's see... official list is yoga bag, Christmas towel, baby afghan, baby bib, Jill's skinny scarf, still to block Mom's scarf and still to put the fringe on Jill's poncho although it is seamed together finally) and yet many more to begin, but I'm more excited about so many projects being finished at some point in time than I am distressed. I blame it on the naivete of a pseudo-new knitter.
So, yes, I've cast on two new projects in the last week and finished oh yeah, none. I'm ok with it though as I find my hands get sore from using the same size needle for too long at a time, so when I need a break I just switch projects. On Saturday, I cast on for an antique pattern baby bib in cotton in a green and natural veregated. I'm on the straps now as it works rather quickly although my fingertips get sore because it's done on size 2 needles. Yup, almost too small for the cotton to even wrap around. Last night I decided I need to start something else that was actually a Christmas present for someone so I started Jill's skinny scarf which I plan on her using as that or as a belt. It's in Matrix in the Natural colourway. That stuff is so hard to knit with! I keep knitting into only half of the damn stuff. Oh well. It's a fast enough project. I think I have some pictures sitting on my computer at home that I need to post, oh no I don't, but I'll have to take some of progress to post. Later gators.


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