Tuesday, September 27, 2005


La de dah...

So, yesterday I went to the Naturopath and apparently I have an overgrowth of yeast in my body as well as adrenal gland issues so now I have to start a new diet to get rid of the yeast. Ugh... as if there wasn't enough that I can't eat (I have celiac, so I can't have any gluten :( ). Anyway, that leaves more time for my knitting as I won't be snacking as much.

I started my oh so exciting yoga mat bag project. So far, all is well. I managed to knit the strap into the body of the bag, which was rather important to me for strength purposes. I made myself a tentative pattern to work off of and make corrections on for reproduction's sake. Up till now, I haven't had to make many corrections, which is nice. It means I thought through the project well enough! Yay!!! I made holes at the top for the drawstring to go through and did that in stockinette so it will be stretchier since it's the opening of the bag. Then, to save myself some time and effort, I started the body in garter stitch, which not only is a nice look for a bag, but stretches lengthwise down the bag so I won't have to make as many rows. The strap I'm knitting in stockinette stitch so that it won't stretch lengthwise and be too long and saggy.

I wanted the bag to be a simple look, which is why I chose such beginner stitches. They are working well for my overall vision. It is a bit boring, but I'm excited for the final product (as I am currently using a foldup chair bag for my mat) so I'm sort of abandoning other projects in the meantime. The skein of Banana Moon recycled sari silk that I bought had a break in the middle, but oh well. I'm not super picky about having to tie on more yarn. I've discovered ways to make it almost unnoticable ;). My gramma would kill me if she knew that I actually will tie knots in my work!

I think that's all I have for news. I'm hoping to get the pictures off my camera and on to the computer sometime soon.


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