Thursday, September 22, 2005

First Entry

Ok, so I thought since I created this site I'd better write a little something so I'm going to start with my current projects.

The first thing I knitted after teaching myself how was a scarf for my boyfriend. I simply did a knit one, purl one combination in every row, which turned out nice enough. Originally I cast on far too many stitches and my tension was all over the place so eventually I got frustrated (as I am a perfectionist) and unravelled it to start anew. It was taking forever and was almost twice as wide as I needed it. Once I started again the project came along quite quickly and I finally finished it about a month ago. I did it in a brown boucle and I think it will look quite nice with his black wool jacket that he wears to work.

After that, I expanded everything about my knitting practice. Davin bought me a knitting book so I could learn some new stitches from something other than the Net. I bought many nice yarns and then needed some nice patterns and ideas. I looked online and found many patterns that were easy enough for me to do and some that took a bit more research in order for me to learn some new techniques.

We are soon going to be the proud Aunt and Uncle of a little baby (boy I think) so that gave me some inspiration to knit some baby things. I decided to start a baby afghan, which I am doing in Bramble stitch in a nice baby blue and pink veregated sport weight yarn. We don't know for sure the sex of the baby so he/she has been getting many presents in the colour yellow so it was nice for me to find a unisex yarn that wasn't just yellow or green. I am knitting this on a circular needle and it is going well, but I am noticing does not grow very fast. Lucky for me I have until late December to finish it!

Also for the baby, I started to knit some baby booties that look like Uggs Shearling boots. They are so cute! At this point, I am finished knitting both of the booties and have yet to sew some trim on one and then stitch them both together to finish. Picture to follow I'm sure. They look like they'll be rather big (supposed to fit 3-6 months) so hopefully the baby will be able to fit them while there's still snow on the ground (my fingers are crossed :s).

While in the process of knitting these booties I had a mini crisis. I was looking at a knitting technique online and noticed that they did it differently than I did. Immediately, I paniced and thought, "How could I be doing this wrong? Everything looks OK!" Upon further research, I realized that I had taught myself the English method of knitting (which is fine because my gramma is English, so I can justify that). I can now rest safe in the fact that I don't have to unravel every project I've done so far and start over because I have been doing it "wrong". It does make it a bit awkward sometimes when reading patterns, but I'm learning to adapt from trial and error. Like, for instance, in the bootie pattern I had to yarn over and then in the next row it said to knit into the back of the yarn over stitch and I thought, "Don't I always do that?" So I just knit into it as usual and ended up with a hole instead of it forming into the shape of the boot and closing up the hole, but I think it will still be OK. I'll know for next time.

Also, I found a nice pattern for a welted rib scarf with a button hole to feed the one end of the scarf through. The welted rib stitch is so lovely, but I've discovered that a person is best off to use a solid colour of yarn. I found some red and black veregated on clearance at Wal-Mart and decided to use it with this pattern for my mom's Christmas present and it's turning out nice enough, but it's hard to see the purl stitches in between the ribs. Lesson learned. I plan to use this same pattern with a fancy white yarn I also got on clearance at Wal-Mart a different time for my mother-in-law's Christmas present.

*Note: Wal-Mart puts new yarns on clearance quite often, so check that rack before even venturing into the normal yarn aisle. That's my tip for the day.

Oi, this entry's getting rather lengthy, sorry about that. I have one more project to gush about and that's an original idea of mine. I have this wonderful plan to knit myself a yoga mat bag. I wanted to knit the body of the bag out of hemp and the strap out of that recycled sari silk yarn. So, yesterday I went to buy my supplies. The only place in the city that sells pure hemp anything only had twine, but I thought I'd try it. Lesson learned. I could probably knit the body out of that, but because it's so overtwisted and rough it would be long and painful, so after I had cast on 20 stitches too many for the size and knitted about 5 rows, I gave up and decided I would settle for the hemp/wool blend yarn that they have at another store in the city. So, today after work I think I will go purchase that. I'm going to make a nice little zippered pocket to sew on the outside of the bag for my keys and whatnot out of a silk or silk-look fabric and use gold fabric paint to paint on the "Om" symbol. I think it will be a work of art and am very excited, but since my projects have a tendency to never look as good in real life as they do in my imagination we shall see. Pictures to follow of various steps, I promise. Ok, I guess that's enough for today. Happy knitting!

*Note: In case you are wondering, my URL is just talithalovestoknitandpurl backwards... I think that's what I ended up using after trying about 50 different options and finding out they weren't available. Argh.


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